One Company, two divisions, a single mission:

Contributing to the prevention of blindness through advancing technology

Phoenix Research Labs

As a division of the Phoenix Technology Group, Phoenix Research Labs was founded in 2008 and is providing research centers in over twenty countries with technology for eye research using laboratory animals. Now with over 80 research publications, including the prestigious journal Nature, the company’s technology contributions are proving their value. Phoenix Research Labs is the largest exhibitor at the annual ARVO meeting.

Phoenix Clinical

Founded as a division of the Phoenix Technology Group in 2013, Phoenix Clinical is focused on contributing to the war on blindness by applying the technology base at Phoenix Research Labs to the clinic. The first contribution is a powerful new imaging system for pediatric patients, the ICON. The ICON camera has been demonstrated to deliver images of unparalleled high-contrast and resolution as compared to historic systems. Coming to the market (regulatory approval pending) the ICON will also provide angiography, and in development for 2017 is a light weight image-guided OCT.

Dr. N.A.(Bert) Massie

Dr. Massie has more than 30 years of experience as the lead entrepreneur of a variety of optical-based technologies. Dr. Massie has made important contributions in aerospace, including; new means for optical testing, novel technologies concerning sensors and mirrors for adaptive optics to correct atmospheric distortion and retinal imaging.  He has also contributed to adaptive optical technology for the Hubble Space Telescope, and partially coherent techniques for imaging space optics through the atmosphere without adaptive optics. Dr. Massie lead the team that brought the RetCam pediatric imaging system through development and market acceptance.

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