Eye Research

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Our mission is to contribute to the war on blindness by providing key technological innovations to support fundamental and applied eye research using laboratory animals.

The Phoenix Research Lab tools optimized for In Vivo research using mice and rats and include:

  • Basic In Vivo Retinal Microscopy – Bright field, angiography, fluorescent imaging, with 4 microns resolution
  • Tomography with Structural Analysis (OCT) – Image-guided OCT with 2 microns resolution
  • Functional Analysis Through Electrophysiology – Both global (Ganzfeld ERG) and regional (image guided focal ERG)
  • Anterior Segment Slit-lamp Imaging – A mouse-sized slit lamp with 4 microns resolution
  • Imageguided laser injection – Precise and consistent delivery of photo disruption

Applications include basic eye research of eye function, mechanisms of disease process, pharmacological interventions and toxicity studies. There are currently more than 150 cameras in use in Asia, North America, and Europe in universities, research institutes, and pharmacological companies.

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