True Image-Guided OCT

True Image-Guided OCT:

Unique, essential—the power of precision delivered

"Only Phoenix provides 'true' image guided OCT scan location, and this is essential to success of longitudinal studies"

The Phoenix image-guided OCT displays the OCT scan line on the retinal image simultaneous with the OCT scan. The information from both modalities can be used in real-time to relocate the scan line depending on observations. And, fluorescent information, not visible from the OCT scan can also be used to locate points of research interest.

Compare with traditional "scan and search" techniques

In addition to it's multi-staged process, the 'scan and search' technique cannot provide OCT scan averaging or locate the scan based on features such as GFP or angiography.

    • Bright field image used to locate retina and the 'scan box'
    • A 3D OCT scan is obtained of a large area.
    • The 2D en face OCT information can be searched to estimate the location of key features
    • The last step is to locate and save the 2D scan information

The Phoenix System is not an ad hoc adaptation of clinical instruments. Our Micron IV is optimized for the rodent eye and leads to extraordinary performance and high quality images that enables a new era of in vivo observations.


  • interactive segmentation

    InSight employs its robust algorithm to create segmentation of the retinal layers automatically, or with full user interaction and control. Data from your scans can be displayed in 3 structural analysis modes: traditional tomography display with lines delineating the layers, Phoenix’s unique color banded/coded display, or numeric data.

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Optimized for small animals.
Built for lab use.

Phoenix Research Labs’ Image-Guided OCT System provides longitudinal resolution under two microns and delivers an exceptional level of image quality.

The Phoenix Micron IV retinal imaging microscope captures stunning retinal images, including bright field, angiography, and fluorescent imaging. By adding image-guided OCT, image guided focal ERG, anterior segment imaging and image-guided laser delivery modules, you can expand the images available for your research quickly and easily.

  • Bright Field

    Wide field of view images of mice and rat retinas with high clarity

  • Fluorescent imaging

    Observe arbitrary fluorescent molecules across the visible spectrum: GFP, mCherry, CFP, YFP, etc.

  • Angiography

    Resolves the capillary bed and observes the flow of red blood cells.

  • Electrophysiology

    Designed especially for the rodent eye; Image guided focal ERG, Ganzfeld and mfERG/PERG


Attach the palm sized OCT scan head onto the retinal imaging microscope in a minute and the power of integrated retinal analysis is instantly delivered.

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