Phoenix Image-Guided Focal ERG

Phoenix Research Labs’ Image-Guided Focal ERG System quantitatively determines retinal function at precisely located positions and outputs a spatial map of retinal performance to facilitate assessment of treated versus non-treated regions. This is enabled using a deep red image and a deep red probe spot, seen on the Micron image in real time, and then flashing a white light stimulus and recording the electrical signal.

The Image-Guided ERG modality functions as an attachment to the Micron Retinal Imaging System, maximizing laboratory space. The Micron IV provides illumination and imaging at 850 nm, supporting the highest levels of dark adaption


Stimuli:White light LED
Illumination size in diameter:Mouse: 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm Doubled for rat Micrometer driven targeting
Range of stimulation in log cd sec/m^2:-1.7 to 3.1 Set levels over a range of 10^6
Modes:Single flash Double/Flicker flash Continuous background with flash Light adaptation Chart mode
Pulse length:0.2 millisecond to minutes
Objective lenses:Separate objective lenses for mouse and rat
Camera:Integrated with Phoenix Micron IV+ (sold separated)
Heater:Set 37 degrees Celsius for Mouse and Rat
Electrodes:Corneal contact (gold-plate objective lens) Tail (ground) and head (reference)

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