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Using OCT data recorded from your Phoenix Micron IV camera, InSight can be employed to characterize segmentation of the retinal layers interactively or with full user control.

Our robust automatic segmentation algorithm produces excellent layer identification. We designed InSight to be fully interactive; use the automatic segmentation tool for layer identification when you want it or plot your own with complete control. InSight is intelligent segmentation software designed specifically for animal research.

Automatic segmentation when you want it, complete control when you need it.

InSight can calculate initial layers and plot them visually across your retinal scan. Point and click on the image to edit your layer, or add new layers. InSight gives you complete control.

The unique color banded/coded display shows thickness plots or numerical data. Visualizing progressive changes in the retinal layers has never been easier.

Quantitative Analysis

The structural analysis results can be displayed in 3 ways: traditional tomography display, with lines delineating the layers, with Phoenix’s unique color banded/coded display, as thickness plots, or as numeric data, to give you insight that was not possible before.

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