Micron IV : Retinal Imaging Microscope


The Micron IV Retinal Imaging Microscope reflects Phoenix Research Labs’ commitment to continuing innovation. In addition to bright field and fluorescent imaging, the next generation three-chip CCD camera facilitates new research opportunities. This sensitive sensor enables the capture of yet fainter fluorescent images.


The Micron delivers four microns resolution, remarkable bright field images, fluorescein and Evan’s blue angiography, and fluorescent imaging of common reporter molecules such as GFP, YFP, mCherry, and CFP. New features in the generation four device include:

  • Custom three-chip CCD designed for Phoenix provides improved sensitivity for capturing even fainter fluorescent images
  • New capability for imaging in the near infrared opens opportunities to capture long wavelength fluoropores and angiograms
  • Improvements in the already easy to use ergonomic design enable additional filter choices and easier to use controls

The Phoenix Micron IV retinal imaging microscope captures stunning retinal images, including bright field, angiography, and fluorescent imaging. By adding image-guided OCT, image guided focal ERG, anterior segment imaging and image-guided laser delivery modules, you can expand the images available for your research quickly and easily.

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