Micron X

Optimized Image System for Large Animal Eye Research

Introducing Micron X: A unique retinal imaging system optimized for eye research using large animals. Micron X delivers bright field images of pinpoint resolution and high contrast. Angiograms using fluorescein can also be obtained utilizing the Phoenix Research Labs Micron X.

Compact, Convenient and Adaptable
The Phoenix Micron X System is designed specifically for the challenges of large animal eye and eye-brain research. Built into a small form factor the system is easily portable to various laboratories. There are hand controls and foot controls for illumination intensity, focus and capture control allowing ease of use in all situations. The Phoenix Micron X allows for imaging a variety of animal eye sizes with the same nose piece.

In vivo validation
Increasing the quality of research through comprehensive, longitudinal in vivo studies is now possible. The Micron X will allow for more comprehensive testing of larger animals, with consistent focus maintained by direct contact with the eye. Irido-corneal angle of eyes can be imaged with the Micron X as well.

Unparalleled imaging capabilities
Our High Q.E., low noise, custom built system delivers enhanced performance for dark retinas. Interchangeable LED light modules allow for quick change from capturing bright field to fluorescent angiography images.

Powerful, validated and accepted
Phoenix Research Labs Micron IV Imaging System technology plays an intergral role in 200+ research centers in North America, Asia and Europe, as well as being cited in over 90 print publications. The Micron X can now be used to fuel scientific discovery, with a wider range of animals and in a broad range of applications including basic eye research, toxicology, pharmaceutical efficacy and neurological research.

Download the Micron X Large Animal Camera Datasheet   micron-x-thumnail