Image-Guided OCT

Phoenix Research Labs’ OCT2 represents a tremendous leap forward in true image-guided OCT imaging. We’ve updated and improved every aspect of our already exceptional system; from improved optics in our new scan head, to dramatic performance improvements in our image processing hardware & software. We’ve designed to make capturing stunning OCT images easier and faster than ever before.

New Features of OCT2

  • Upgraded OCT engine
  • Enhanced depth allows studies of sclera
  • Classical OCT artifacts eliminated
  • New OCT scan head design is more robust, easier to install and stable for clear imaging
  • Improved software allows precise alignment of scan to image

OCT scan location is presented simultaneously on a real-time Micron IV+ bright-field image. Changing the OCT scan location is as easy as moving the scan line across your image. Combining an OCT scan with fluorescein is possible with the simple turn of a filter on the Micron IV, and can be captured during the same sedation session.

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