Phoenix Ganzfeld ERG

Phoenix Research Labs’ Ganzfeld ERG System is optimized for the unique retinal response of rodent photoreceptors and provides the specific capability to excite S-Cones, M-Cones, and rods. The system is equipped with the unique Phoenix “dark lab” technology so that the eye can be dark adapted to the fullest for murine rods. A proprietary software suite controls the stimulus for UV and green—providing full control of pulse width, delay, intensity, and flicker.

The unique Maxwellian view design enables placing the corneal electrode on the front lens. With an infrared camera for guidance, the electrode can be gently contacted to the cornea even in the dark, keeping absolutely dark adaptation and stable contact to the eye.


Stimuli:365nm & 504nm
Illumination size in diameter:Mouse: 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm Doubled for rat Micrometer driven targeting
Range of stimulation in log cd sec/m^2:-4.7 to 3.1 Set levels over a range of 10^8
Modes:Single flash Double/Flicker flash Continuous background with flash Light adaptation Chart mode
Pulse length:0.2 millisecond to minutes
Objective lenses:Separate objective lenses for mouse and rat
Camera:NIR Camera to align pupil
Heater:Set 37 degrees Celsius for Mouse and Rat
Electrodes:Corneal contact (gold-plate objective lens) Tail (ground) and head (reference)

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